My Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist Lindsey has visits bi-weekly.  She started in early December, 2019.  She is responsible for working with me on my swallowing, breathing and voice compromise (which is good) as related to my ALS.  

Lindsey also enjoys time with family.  She exercises physically and spiritually.  Her faith guides her personal walk.

Thank you, Lindsey, for using your gifts not only for myself, but for all the other patients you are still caring for.  May God keep you and your family safe and away from harm.  

Lastly, I also want to thank you for putting up with my creative responses to therapy.   Such responses as yelling the sentences back at you, and changing the word sentencing while consistently yawning.  I admit it was in my best interest when you told me I can no longer have popcorn with my butter.  Despite all the “parent to child” looks, you join laughing with me; and laugh often!

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