My Angel, Maria

Today I want to take a moment to recognize my caregiver, Maria. She spends five weekdays with me.  Mary Anne says that she really has to put up with me a lot”.  (I am not sure what she means by that)

Maria has been in the caregiving industry for 13 years.  She began her journey with me the first week of February 2020.  Sheila’s Angels in Home Care provided Maria the opportunity to keep me in line.  I have yet to roll away, so all is good.

Maria likes to hunt and fish and cook.  She loves music, Everything from country music, rock & roll to contemporary Christian.

Thank you Maria for your time and care for me.  You are watching my challenges and helping with the changes I face.  When we called Sheila’s Angels, we never thought God would send an actual angel to me and my family.  

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