Nurse Jessica

As part of my palliative care, I have been assigned a wonderful nurse.  Jessica has been caring for me on a weekly basis since mid-February.  And no matter what I throw at her, she still manages to keep coming back.

Right after high school Jessica joined her mother, who was the office administrator of a medical group, working in the back office.   Ten years later, Jessica decided to go into nursing school.  It was not long after that she became a nurse. She has been in this position of caring for others for twelve years and still going!

In her spare time, Jessica and her husband enjoys visiting small mom and pop coffee houses. They have a love for Mediterranean food.  They both enjoy going into Houston to take walks along Buffalo Bayou.  I also learned that she loves cooking and preparing foods from other countries.

Jessica’s heart is definitely in her work.  She’s compassionate and deliberate in my care.  I also know that I am her favorite patient (note:  it’s not hard to love me).

Thank you, Jessica, for all the work you’ve done for your patients.  I know you give the kind of care you would expect.  And I am very thankful that I am a recipient.

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