Doctor. Friend. Brother.

Dr. Joe Pouzar has, and still is, all these things and more to me.  I find this hard to write because I could dedicate a new web site just to tell what he means to me.  The tasks of sharing this in short form is daunting.

This is the first care giver that I have not spent time to interview today, primarily because I know everything about him.  Let’s just say that is a good thing and I leave it at that.

I know that Dr. Joe and Dr. Linda Pouzar have served the medical needs of the Clear Lake community for over 30 years.  Their care has reached beyond borders in way of many medial mission trips.

They are blessed to have two daughters, two dogs and two birds.  They enjoy traveling but their gifts of music and song show their passion to worship God and lift others.  

No words will ever express my gratitude for the love both have expressed to Mary Anne and I.  And my words will never express the special place Joe has been in my life.  It is for these reasons I enjoy the laughable, enlightening and fellowship Joe has shared with me…no matter the wins/loses of UH football, basketball and baseball.  “Who’s House?”

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