My Life Purpose Statement

My Personal Life Purpose Statement has never seen the light of day until now. I felt a need to share something very personal. This was written many years ago. It is scriptures based. Time permitting, I will try to share the scriptures that go with each purpose I hold true. I am hopeful it will inspire someone to write their own Life Purpose Statement. With all my love, Ronald

To love, to learn, to teach, to train and to serve my God, my Lord, my family and my friends where ever God may lead and for which He has prepared in advanced for me. 

May I live by faith while experiencing joy and fulfillment through prayer and hope in God’s promises. 

May I be a good Shepherd who has integrity of the heart and exhibits integrity with heart. 

May my conduct be Christ like while remaining focused on God and His call to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. 

And may my ending only be the beginning when I stand before my Lord Jesus Christ and hear Him say “well done good and faithful servant.”

Derived from God’s Word and captured on paper by, Ronald Janca

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