Wynethia Elva Dean Graham Janca

It was 35 years ago today that Charlie’s wife and Christy and I’s mother, Wynethia Elva Dean Graham Janca, lovingly called Dean, went home to her Lord and Savior after living with ALS. Not only did we lose a wife and mother, our friends and family lost a loved one.

I truly thank my sister, Christy, for managing the situation as well as she did. We are both thankful for our neighbor and nurse, Rebecca, who helped navigate through these challenges. I also want to thank Mrs. Linda Holm and our aunt, Sarah Janca, for providing direction and for making arrangements at a time when we had none.

The sad part about this date is how I remember it. They say that the only two things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes. I can only see April 15th as the date we all lost a very special loved one.

How I Work to Get My Message of the Day Posted

I do get asked why I did not post daily.  The full reason is my health.  I am motivated to spend time on my computer to provide something special about my day.  As I watch changes with my hands, I am finding it more difficult to type.  I’m doing more with speech recognition-to-type. Below is a picture of how I have managed to make the most of what I could up to this point.  I am just glad that I can share.  More to come.

To me Jesus Christ is…

To me Jesus Christ is…

my Lord. 

my Savior.

my Redeemer. 

My Counselor.

King of kings. 

Lord of lords.

Alpha and Omega.

the Beginning and the End.  

Jesus is my everything! 

Jesus Christ gave me the opportunity to live beyond my life’s challenges and terminal illness. I look forward to celebrating His Resurrection every day and for eternity! Love, Ronald

My Life Purpose Statement

My Personal Life Purpose Statement has never seen the light of day until now. I felt a need to share something very personal. This was written many years ago. It is scriptures based. Time permitting, I will try to share the scriptures that go with each purpose I hold true. I am hopeful it will inspire someone to write their own Life Purpose Statement. With all my love, Ronald

To love, to learn, to teach, to train and to serve my God, my Lord, my family and my friends where ever God may lead and for which He has prepared in advanced for me. 

May I live by faith while experiencing joy and fulfillment through prayer and hope in God’s promises. 

May I be a good Shepherd who has integrity of the heart and exhibits integrity with heart. 

May my conduct be Christ like while remaining focused on God and His call to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. 

And may my ending only be the beginning when I stand before my Lord Jesus Christ and hear Him say “well done good and faithful servant.”

Derived from God’s Word and captured on paper by, Ronald Janca

God is…











Most High.


Slow to Anger. 

You are a God of Hope, Peace, Trust, Righteousness and Mercy. 

You are a God of Reconciliation, Redemption, Forgiveness and Wisdom.

And a God who loves us and honors our prayers.


Doctor. Friend. Brother.

Dr. Joe Pouzar has, and still is, all these things and more to me.  I find this hard to write because I could dedicate a new web site just to tell what he means to me.  The tasks of sharing this in short form is daunting.

This is the first care giver that I have not spent time to interview today, primarily because I know everything about him.  Let’s just say that is a good thing and I leave it at that.

I know that Dr. Joe and Dr. Linda Pouzar have served the medical needs of the Clear Lake community for over 30 years.  Their care has reached beyond borders in way of many medial mission trips.

They are blessed to have two daughters, two dogs and two birds.  They enjoy traveling but their gifts of music and song show their passion to worship God and lift others.  

No words will ever express my gratitude for the love both have expressed to Mary Anne and I.  And my words will never express the special place Joe has been in my life.  It is for these reasons I enjoy the laughable, enlightening and fellowship Joe has shared with me…no matter the wins/loses of UH football, basketball and baseball.  “Who’s House?”

Nurse Jessica

As part of my palliative care, I have been assigned a wonderful nurse.  Jessica has been caring for me on a weekly basis since mid-February.  And no matter what I throw at her, she still manages to keep coming back.

Right after high school Jessica joined her mother, who was the office administrator of a medical group, working in the back office.   Ten years later, Jessica decided to go into nursing school.  It was not long after that she became a nurse. She has been in this position of caring for others for twelve years and still going!

In her spare time, Jessica and her husband enjoys visiting small mom and pop coffee houses. They have a love for Mediterranean food.  They both enjoy going into Houston to take walks along Buffalo Bayou.  I also learned that she loves cooking and preparing foods from other countries.

Jessica’s heart is definitely in her work.  She’s compassionate and deliberate in my care.  I also know that I am her favorite patient (note:  it’s not hard to love me).

Thank you, Jessica, for all the work you’ve done for your patients.  I know you give the kind of care you would expect.  And I am very thankful that I am a recipient.

Servant at Heart

Dr. Laura Haskovec, MD is a hospice & palliative medicine specialist in Houston, TX.  

We originally cross paths November 26, 2019 under the palliative care umbrella.  We just completed another appointment this morning by telemedicine!

Dr. H. enjoys Cooking and baking & just putting a meal together.  Her passion is taking care of others.  From my standpoint, a servant’s heart is very evident in her attention and care for me.  She feels God put her in the position; and I cannot agree morel

Thank you Dr. H. for the time and care you have done, and will continue to do, for me as my journey continues and transitions.  And I always enjoy a doctor who will allow prayer to be a part of the visit.

My Angel, Maria

Today I want to take a moment to recognize my caregiver, Maria. She spends five weekdays with me.  Mary Anne says that she really has to put up with me a lot”.  (I am not sure what she means by that)

Maria has been in the caregiving industry for 13 years.  She began her journey with me the first week of February 2020.  Sheila’s Angels in Home Care provided Maria the opportunity to keep me in line.  I have yet to roll away, so all is good.

Maria likes to hunt and fish and cook.  She loves music, Everything from country music, rock & roll to contemporary Christian.

Thank you Maria for your time and care for me.  You are watching my challenges and helping with the changes I face.  When we called Sheila’s Angels, we never thought God would send an actual angel to me and my family.